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Empowering Growth

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 Information Technology (IT)




Established in 1998, the company has played a pivotal role in advancing digital processes for major institutions and corporations in Mexico. Their specialization lies in comprehensive services such as document management, digitization, and database generation. The company is renowned for delivering timely and accurate information through electronic files, intranet, and the internet, ensuring clients always have access to the right data. Their unique strength is in owning and developing Electronic Information Management Platforms, fueling continuous research and development to meet evolving regulatory requirements. Notably, their services provide online access to virtual files, document images, and robust security features.

Client Overview

  • 25 years of operation
  • Information Technology (IT) Industry
  • International & Domestic Operations
  • Main target are financial companies

Sales Summary and Forecast 2024

Sales performance before partnership with ExpoCredit (2022 - 2023) and the expected growth for 2024 after obtaining the factoring line of $700,000. (Values in USD)

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Funds to Expands

Navigating Growth Pressures

The company faced a significant challenge: the need for additional working capital to facilitate its growth ambitions. Operating in the dynamic IT and process services market in Mexico, the company sought opportunities to expand its footprint and undertake more ambitious projects. To achieve this, they required the financial resources to scale their operations and continue delivering innovative solutions to their clients.

''I believe that Expocredit's factoring services will be instrumental in achieving our growth objectives. This partnership allows us to secure the necessary financial resources to take on larger projects and expand our reach in the market. Expocredit's expertise in factoring gives us the confidence that we can continue delivering top-tier solutions to our clients and drive our success to new heights." - Client

How ExpoCredit Helped

Empowering Growth Through Factoring

Expocredit stepped in as a valuable partner by approving a Factoring Line of $700,000. This financial injection offered by Expocredit empowers the company to propel its growth, undertake larger projects, and strengthen its position in the competitive IT and process services sector. By providing the necessary working capital, Expocredit's support helps the company continue delivering cutting-edge services to its clients, contributing to its long-term success and expansion.