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Join a community of brokers that grows with ExpoCredit

If you're a professional with an extensive network of contacts, you can join our referral program and receive commission for every new account that becomes a client thanks to your recommendation

Learn more about our referral program in our Broker University

Twice a month, we host live sessions of our referral program, where you can discover firsthand from our experts the benefits we have to offer as a partner of ExpoCredit.

Who are ExpoCredit's brokers?


Advisors & Business Consultants

ou provide services to exporting companies and have a network of contacts with large corporations. Consultancy, financial advisory, or accounting.


Organizations and businesses

If it's a domestic financial factoring company in Latin American countries, or if it's a financial consulting firm


What documentation is required to join your referral/Broker program?

At ExpoCredit, we provide a series of documents for your proper completion, some of which include:

  • Vendor Application
  • Personal ID
  • W8 / W9 Form depending on the country.
How is the commission calculated for closed deals?

The commission is calculated based on the factoring fee charged by ExpoCredit.

How does ExpoCredit ensure payment of commissions for referred business?

When you join as a broker, a contract is signed establishing the guarantee of commission payment and outlining the process.

Can I refer companies with debtors in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, and Argentina?

We cannot work with debtors in countries under economic sanctions by the United States government. However, if the client's companies in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, and Argentina export to other countries without sanctions from the United States, then we can work with them

What would the process be for referring a company?

The process begins once you, as a Broker, have qualified the prospect with the minimum requirements to work with ExpoCredit. The next step would be for you to organize a meeting between yourself, the prospect, and your commercial representative at ExpoCredit to properly introduce our financial factoring services and outline the steps for the prospect to follow if interested