Invoice factoring: Fuel growth without debt

Improve your company's cash flow through Accounts Receivable Financing. With over 20 years of experience in non-recourse financing, we assume the risk of non-payment and handle the collection process. Our team of experts will manage your invoice collection, allowing you to focus on other essential areas of your company and obtain the necessary capital for your growth.

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Access immediate resources with competitive interest rates lower than traditional bank loans

Accessible financing through an agile and secure factoring process, with requirements tailored to the financial needs of our clients.

Expo Differentiators

As your financial partner, at ExpoCredit, we are committed to driving your company's growth by providing you with immediate capital and improving your liquidity. With our expertise in invoice management and collection, your company can enhance its bargaining power with suppliers and customers, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.


Domestic & International Financing

We offer worldwide financing (USD, Mexican pesos, and euros) and domestic factoring (USA, Puerto Rico, and Mexico).


Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring

We assume the risk of collection and default payment. No collateral, asset evaluation, or financial covenants are required.


Cost-effective pricing

Our costs are tailored to the client's needs, based on the requested credit line size and the company's financial information.


No strings attached

Your assets remain intact, and there is no need to surrender ownership of your company's capital. We are flexible according to your financial needs.

Invoice Factoring Success Stories

Apply for an invoice factoring line in just 4 steps

One of our experts will guide you through the application process and address any questions. Response times depend on the prompt submission of requested documents.

Initial information request
  1. Enter the data in the form.
  2. Schedule an introductory call.
Document submission
  1. Financial statements for the past 2 years of your company.
  2. List of interested clients for factoring.
  3. Recent sales history report for the clients you wish to factor.
Document review

After submitting the requested information about your company, the credit department, along with the insurer, will review the case to assess the business's viability.

Personalized proposal

You will receive a proposal from ExpoCredit for your factoring line.


What are the minimum requirements to apply for an invoice factoring line with ExpoCredit?

At ExpoCredit, we strive to offer personalized financial solutions tailored to the needs of your company. If you meet these requirements and are interested in applying for a factoring line with us, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and to start the application process.

  • Minimum one year of company incorporation
  • Unexpired invoices in US dollars, Mexican pesos, or euros.
  • Our minimum line size is $250,000 USD.
  • Payment history with your customers
  • Minimum annual sales of $2,000,000 USD
  • Working with 2 or more well-qualified and insurable debtors
How does the factoring process work with ExpoCredit?
  • AR Client invoices their buyer (debtor) for products/services.
  • AR Client sells the invoice to ExpoCredit.
  • ExpoCredit advances 80% – 85% of the invoice amount to the client.
  • The debtor pays ExpoCredit directly.
  • ExpoCredit returns 15% – 20% minus the service fee.
What are the interest rates offered by ExpoCredit for the cash advance?

The exact rate is communicated after completing the application as it depends on various factors such as line size, customer (debtor) quality, and financial information of the company.