Accounts Receivable Financing

Get the cash your business needs right away, without having to jump through the hoops some companies require.

ExpoCredit understands the challenges facing businesses today. We strategically partner with our clients to navigate financial solutions and ensure that they are prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Access the operating cash tied up in your company’s accounts receivables

Businesses that extend credit terms to their clients often face cash flow challenges while waiting to collect on their receivables. Sometimes, this temporary lack of operating cash means they must turn down time-sensitive opportunities such as taking advantage of volume discounts or hiring additional employees when they need them.


Accounts receivable financing, also known as a ledgered line of credit or invoice financing, solves this problem. Companies receive short-term funding in exchange for selling their accounts receivables to an A/R financing company; the A/R financing company then collects on the debts.

Many small businesses do not qualify for traditional bank loans; even when they do, the application process is long and tedious, and the business is plunged into additional debt. A/R financing is a great option for businesses that either don’t qualify for bank loans or simply do not want to deal with the hassle or take on more debt. It gives businesses fast access to working capital to fund immediate needs, such as:


• Addressing seasonal fluctuations
• Filling large orders from new clients
• Extending credit terms to new customers
• Investing in an advertising campaign

“By partnering with ExpoCredit, which has gone to great lengths to understand our business sector, we have found a partner that we can turn to as a small business to assist us in growing to the next level. Without ExpoCredit significant growth would be challenging.”


Walter, S. President – Military Deployment Support Services Company

A/R Financing, in its simplest form, is when a company sells its accounts receivable prior to the actual due date in exchange for immediate liquidity.

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The Fast, Flexible Alternative to a Bank Loan.

ExpoCredit understands the challenges businesses face securing financing in today’s marketplace. We pride ourselves in helping when others won’t. We have been in business since 1998 and have helped companies of all sizes and in many different industries secure the short-term financing they need to grow and thrive.


• Domestic and international A/R financing; your debtors can be anywhere in the world.
• Receive up to 90% of the value of each invoice.
• Non-recourse: We assume the risk of collection and payment default.
• No need for collateral, asset appraisals, or financial covenants.
• No prepayment penalties.
• Does not put your assets at risk or require you to give up equity in your company.
• Can be adjusted up or down according to your needs.