Accounts Receivable Financing: 3 common types

analyzing invoices

Accounts receivable financing is a short-term funding method available to businesses for their receivables. It is an excellent alternative when a timing conflict occurs between the cash inflows and outflows of the business. Regardless of the various forms that account receivable financing can be structured, its main types are: Invoice Factoring Invoice factoring allows businesses […]

How to choose between Factoring and Bank Loans?

choosing between factoring and bank loans

Factoring or accounts receivable financing  is a funding alternative that provides businesses with immediate access to cash by selling their invoices to a third party. A bank loan, in addition to providing liquidity, is also a financial vehicle that contributes to business growth. When in need of working capital, businesses will likely turn to accounts […]

Factoring: A Smart Strategy to Weather Inflation

Inflation is one of the most abrasive issues facing economists and companies, increasing the risk of a global economic recession. Following the latest United nation’s World Economic Situation and Prospects report, worldwide inflation projects an annual rate increase of 6.7% in 2022. Its fastest pace in approximately 40 years. Debtors are experiencing prices rising considerably for […]