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A prominent Mexican company boasting 15 years of experience in the material handling industry, specializing in the production of an array of materials including steel, plastic, thermoformed, corrugated, engineering plastics, stitched canvas, foam, and wood products. Their core business revolves around the creation of advanced racks and thermoformed products for material handling, focusing on intricate engineering and design to meet client demands. Beyond this, the company ventures into innovative industrial solutions, diversifying its offerings to include shelving, mobile structures, and integrated mechanisms, thus driving the industry forward.

Client Overview

  • 15 years of operation
  • Auto part Industry
  • International & Domestic Operations
  • Main target are automotive companies

Sales Summary

Sales performance before partnership with ExpoCredit (2021 - 2022 - 2023) Values in (USD)

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Funds to Scale

Navigating Margin Pressures

The company's journey was not without its hurdles. Between May and November 2022, substantial investments were directed towards expanding plant production capacities to match escalating client demands. However, these investments impacted the company's profit margins, necessitating strategic intervention.

"As a manufacturing company, our inventory encompasses raw materials, works in progress, and finished products, with raw materials comprising the largest portion. This surge in inventory is a direct response to our sales area no longer operating on low sales orders. With the stock of raw materials posing a challenge, we've realized that a proactive solution is paramount. That's why a tailored line of factoring stands as the answer to optimize our inventory management and drive growth." - Client

How ExpoCredit Helped

Empowering Growth Through Factoring

The solution lay in Expocredit's agile and efficient factoring process. This strategic partnership enabled the company to extend its financial capabilities and fortify its market presence. Expocredit's provision of a factoring line amounting to USD $5,000,000 breathed new life into the company's endeavors. This infusion of capital not only allowed them to navigate the margin challenges posed by recent investments but also created room for enhanced inventory turnover. Through this symbiotic collaboration, the company embraced growth opportunities with renewed vigor, setting a path for innovative success in the ever-evolving landscape of material handling and industrial solutions.

auto parts