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Supply Chain Solutions

Optimize your cash flow, strengthen your supplier relationships, and meet your business growth objectives.

ExpoCredit offers supply chain financing, inventory financing, equipment financing, and procurement cycle enhancement to companies of all sizes and at all stages of growth.

“We are happy to use ExpoCredit’s supply chain financing solutions, which help us increase sales volume and buy more from our suppliers. The service is good for our supply chain management planning.”

Stanley K, CFO – Private Label Cellphone Wholesaler

Enhance Your Supplier Relationships & Prevent Production Delays

Modern global supply chains are highly complex. Even the simplest goods are manufactured using multiple parts, all purchased “just in time” from different suppliers located in different areas of the world. A delay on the part of just one of these suppliers has a ripple effect, resulting in missed production deadlines, higher costs, foregone opportunities, and soured business relationships up and down the chain.

How it works: Step by Step

Free Up the Cash You Need Without Taking on More Debt

ExpoCredit’s supply chain financing solutions have numerous advantages over bank loans, such as faster funding and no financial covenants, asset appraisals, or personal guarantees. Additional benefits include:

• The ability to put your assets to work for you without having to file UCC-1 liens
• Grow your business by enhancing procurement cycles via direct payment to supplier by ExpoCredit
• Enhance supplier relationships by having ExpoCredit pay down orders upfront
• Enable your company to extend credit to your own customers
• Take advantage of prompt payment discounts by having ExpoCredit pay suppliers who extend credit terms by foregoing the interest expense with upfront payment

How It Works

Supply chain financing allows small suppliers to effectively extend credit to large customers and seize the opportunity to build relationships with large corporations. Corporations get to take advantage of supplier prompt payment discounts. Production is not delayed by supplier cash crunches, which fosters good relationships between corporations, their suppliers, and all other parties on the supply chain.


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Download our short application form; you can finish filling it out faster than you can drink a cup of coffee, and our account specialists will keep you updated every step of the way.

3 Get Funding

The funds you need will be deposited directly to you or your supplier’s bank account, and you can return to business as usual – but with peace of mind.

Case Studies

A/R Financing – Metal Telecommunications Structures

Peruvian metal telecommunication structure company weathering political unrest.

A/R Financing – Fresh Fruit Export

Chilean fresh fruit exporter looking to expand into new markets.

A/R Financing – Cargo Transport

Cargo transporter with rapid growth but slow moving invoices were holding them back.

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Newsletter – April 2019

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