Join our network of partners and grow together with ExpoCredit

As a professional with a wide network of contacts, you have the opportunity to join our referral program and earn commissions for each new account that becomes a client based on your recommendation.

Broker University Webinars

Participate in our live referral program sessions held twice a month, where you'll discover the exclusive benefits of becoming an ExpoCredit ally, guided by our team of experts.

Who are ExpoCredit Partners?


Consultants & Professionals

ExpoCredit is always looking to build long-term strategic relationships with A/R financing brokers. We have been in business for over two decades, and we understand that our broker partners success is integral to our own


Finance companies

ExpoCredit is always looking to build long-term strategic relationships with partner companies that can complement our portfolio of financial solutions. By partnering with ExpoCredit, you can obtain leads referred by us according to your particular offering.


What documentation is required to join our referral program?

At ExpoCredit, we require a set of documents for the onboarding process, including:

  • Vendor Application
  • Personal Identification
  • W8/W9 form depending on the country
How is the commission for closed business calculated?

The commission is calculated based on ExpoCredit's factoring fee.

How does ExpoCredit guarantee payment of referral commissions?

When you join as a broker, a contract is signed that establishes the guarantee of commission payment and outlines the payment process.

What is the process for referring a company?

 The process begins once you, as a broker, have qualified the prospect with the minimum requirements to work with ExpoCredit. The next step would be for you to organize a meeting between yourself, the prospect, and our sales representative at ExpoCredit to provide a proper presentation of our financial factoring services and outline the steps for the prospect to follow if they are interested.