Our 360˚ A/R Financing Solution

ExpoCredit’s integrated supporting services make it easy.
ExpoCredit’s 360-degree A/R financing solution helps you save time, minimize risk, and enhance your business relationships.

Spend less time managing your A/R financing and more time managing your business.

ExpoCredit’s 360-degree A/R financing solution includes a comprehensive suite of integrated services, from credit analysis to accounting services, to help you save time and money, minimize your risk, and enhance your relationships with your customers.

  •  Our Comprehensive Suite Of Supporting Services

Credit Analysis, Underwriting & Risk Management – Make informed decisions about extending credit to your customers. ExpoCredit will let you know how much, if any, credit you can safely extend and whether you should purchase credit insurance.


Professional, Multilingual Collections Representatives – Our goal isn’t just to collect on the receivables we purchase but also to preserve the good relationships you have built with your customers. We collect on invoices as quickly as possible while avoiding heavy-handed tactics.


24/7 Online Customer Access & Account Monitoring – All ExpoCredit customers get access to ExpoOnline, a cloud portal where they can view all of their A/R activity in real time.


Credit Insurance – Protect your business from the risks of accounts receivable non-payment due to customer insolvency, bankruptcy, or protracted default. ExpoCredit offers commercial credit insurance to our clients through Euler Hermes, the company that we trust to insure our own A/R portfolio.


Accounting Services – ExpoCredit’s accounting professionals ensure that our customers understand what’s happening with their transactions every step of the way.