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Funding line amount

                 $700,000 USD 






Company founded by the strategic association of cooperatives in the western region of Honduras, whose coffee has the best guarantee and quality control systems. 

Its principal target market is Europe, exporting to countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany, with average sales of 100 lots of its main products (Coffee, Cocoa, and Pepper) in the high season (October – April). Furthermore, the administration guarantees transparency and the improvement of the quality of life for each of the associated cooperatives

ExpoCredit has helped us to be more agile in the marketplace”

Sandra – Accionista y Gerente Financiero Comercial 

Due to the increase in Honduran coffee exports abroad from October 2021 to July 2022, the company needed to meet the demand by optimizing its production processes. Therefore, an injection of capital is necessary to meet all the market demands, remain competitive in the industry, and strengthen and expand its commercial relationships.

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