Security Services

The company's proposal was for $500,000. With this supporter, they intend to increase their sales volume and expand their operations to new locations.

Deal Summary

Funding Line Amount
$500,000 USD
Company Type
Physical security solutions, training, and consulting
Industry Type
Security Services
Mexican company that specializes in providing physical security solutions, training, and consulting in civil protection material. The company has federal permission to operate as a private security company in all states of the Mexican Republic. It registers business activities since 1999 and was formally incorporated in 2005, but strengthened its operations later in 2009 after obtaining a training agent certification by STPS (International Labor Organization). Due to its large experience in the market, the company’s team has grown to a total of 1,200 qualify experts in security solutions.


The company’s needs are driven by the slow turnover of liquidity due to payment terms between its customers and suppliers. Until recently, it has been financed mainly through bank loans, but they are already experiencing a slight increase in costs, with its accounts payable having terms of up to 80 days. Companies during the process of expansions face risks that their debtors may not be able to keep up, which can end up decreasing their progress.


ExpoCredit assisted with a line of credit of $500,000 USD. With this injection of working capital, they intended to reduce their administrative and interest expenses due to bank debts. Access to this funding resulted in a big support for this company, allowing them to increase their sales volume and expand their operations to new locations.
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