Seafood Distributor

ExpoCredit was able to structure a factoring facility for this multinational seafood subsidiary.

Deal Summary

Factoring Line
Funding Line Amount
$ 1,250,000
Company Type
Seafood Distributor
Industry Type
This company is headquartered in Peru and operates as a subsidiary of one of the leading Seafood companies in the world. They specialize in the fishing, farming, processing, and commercialization of seafood products. The company commercializes and exports frozen hydrobiological products such as Mahi-Mahi, silverside, squid, and mackerel.


Like many subsidiaries, this company mainly sells through its parent company. They were looking to take advantage of the production of seafood in the Peruvian market, which includes tax incentive benefits.


Despite being the subsidiary of a large multinational company, ExpoCredit managed to structure a factoring line which the client could access to finance its sales to unrelated or third parties. The factoring facility allowed the company to achieve the necessary cash flow for the purchase of inventory, which in turn favored not only the subsidiary but its parent company as well.
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