Produce Industry

ExpoCredit helped this seasonal business secure working capital to continue to grow their business.

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Fresh Fruit Distributor
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This Peruvian company is one of the leaders in the production of citrus and by-products. They have been supplying their products to households in five continents for over 60 years. Their products include citrus, avocados, grapes as well as some processed foods.


The business of agricultural export is seasonal, with most of the activity occurring from November through the beginning of September, depending on the weather. This can create cash flow issues. Additionally, the fresh produce industry is known for having high dilution rates because of the nature of the business and long distances to transport a perishable product.


With more than 60 years in the business, this company has reached a preeminent position in the produce industry. Based on the strength and demonstrated success of the company, ExpoCredit was able to structure a factoring line that accommodates the company’s dilution rate and allows them to build healthy relationships with their clients.
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