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Manufacturer of Packaging Solutions
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Protective Packaging
Our client, a developer of products in the global packaging solutions market, expanded its international business to the US a few years ago. The company specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of customized moisture barrier bags. Its multi-dimensional packaging prevents the deterioration of products and machinery during storage and transportation due to environmental factors, such as moisture, UV light and temperature extremes.


The company had a slow start in the US as it worked to comply with numerous legal regulations. Although it is a young company with only a few years in the US market, it achieved success internationally and has extensive experience in the protective packaging industry. It has negative equity due to previous losses, but it started generating profits last year. Furthermore, the outlook for the remainder of the year is positive with significant growth potential, as its product is used in many industries. It will start operating new equipment this year to help increase sales and improve delivery times.


The company is strong and experienced with established US clients. It has no judgment liens or financial loans and payment history with proposed debtors is satisfactory. It reached operational profits after the first two years in business and despite the challenges of US regulations, its sales are expected to increase. Based on its successful business model, support from its owners, strong financial profile and growth potential, ExpoCredit was able to quickly and effectively approve the company’s request for the Factoring Line while allocating specific debtor limits.
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