Organic meat industry

Expocredit's support — a $900k line of credit — provided the company with financial freedom to focus on finding more and better customers

Deal Summary

Funding Line Amount
$900,000 USD
Company Type
Organic meat
Industry Type
Organic food
United States
An American company incorporated in 2005 has revolutionized the American meat market, and the food industry, with the sale of USDA certified 100% Grass Fed and Organic Beef. The company provides consumers with a free-range, humanely treated meat product free of antibiotics and hormones.

The company has more than a 16-year presence on the market and has shown a rebound in an industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Its customers are large distributors that endorse the quality of the products granting the certification of 100% organic meat, pasture-fed cattle, raised under free grazing and under animal welfare care.


This company has invested over $200K to increase its production capacity. Through the acquisition of a processing plant, raw material is received for deboning and packaging products for each of its customers. Currently, around 120,000 pounds per month are processed, with a future goal to process between 3.4 and 3.8 million pounds per month.

By implementing this strategy, the company was able to move away from outsourcing and could achieve a greater operational and financial efficiency. However, this acquisition does not respond to the immediate capital needed to meet its accounts payable, posing a risk to its integrity and its debt capacity.


Expocredit’s support — a $900k line of credit — provided the company with financial freedom to focus on finding more and better customers, and to increase its revenue through improved production capacity and decreased operational costs.

With Expocredit, they will no longer be dependent on third parties such as banks and outsourced contractors that hindered their ability to grow. It also gives them the power to generate a clean credit report that allows them to access greater business opportunities and establish themselves as one of the leading brands in the food market.

In a world affected by climate change and the industrialization of meat production, these types of companies are positioned as an excellent alternative that minimizes the negative effects of intensive production. For this reason, Expocredit is fully prepared to support these models, not only because of their financial success but also because of the benefits of newly-developed, more efficient and healthier consumption practices.