Transportation & Logistics Company from Mexico

The company's proposal was for $2,100,000. With this support, they intended to meet the industry’s demands and enable the company to obtain more cash flow to optimize their operating processes.

Deal Summary

Freight Factoring
Funding Line Amount
Company Type
Transportation, logistics and storage solutions
Industry Type
This Mexican company specializes provides domestic and international transportation, logistics, and storage solutions. The company has all the components necessary for success: expertise in all types of cargo, facilities, experience, and a variety of vehicles to meet the needs of each client. It has registered business activities since 2018 with branches throughout Mexico.


With the increasing demand for international and national logistics services, as well as the new regulations that exist in the market, the company needed to optimize its operational processes to grow its revenue. As a logistics and transportation service provider, the payment times agreed upon with its clients tend to be extended. Therefore, an injection of capital is necessary to meet all the market demands and remain competitive in the industry.


ExpoCredit assisted with a line of credit of $2,100,000. With this injection of working capital, they intended to optimize their operational processes. Access to this funding provided the company with enough support to increase its revenues, meet the industry’s high demand, and enable them to obtain more cash flow.