Fresh Fruit Export

Chilean fresh fruit exporter looking to expand into new markets.

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Fresh Fruit Export
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Fresh Fruit
Our client is a Chilean company that exports fruits and other agricultural products to other countries in South America. It handles a wide variety of products, but its largest volume of export are apples, pears, grapes and kiwi. The business of agricultural export is seasonal, with most of the activity occurring November through the beginning of September, depending on the weather.


The company has been in business since 2005, so it is relatively young. Product transport is done through ground shipping, which takes approximately 15 days. The quantity of fruit to be exported is determined based on crop estimates. Invoice terms for most fruits are 60 days. Gross margins have declined over the past year due somewhat to seasonal climate issues and fruit damages account for an average of 5% per invoice.


Our client has focused its efforts on working with strong and highly-recognized large companies all over the world with good payment behavior, which has enabled its business to grow steadily with limited risk. The company’s CEO has had a successful career with extensive background in the food industry, specifically in areas of operations, product development and new business. The risk rating is low. The company is profitable and its revenues grew +12% in 2018.
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