Aluminum Foil Products

ExpoCredit enables young manufacturer's successful trajectory

Deal Summary

Factoring Line
Funding Line Amount
Company Type
Manufacturer of Aluminum Foil and Related Products
Industry Type
Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foil
Our client is a young company specializing in the production and wholesale of aluminum foil and trays. It is a subsidiary of an international corporation with decades of experience in the industry.


The company has grown significantly since it started operations, more than doubling its revenue each year for the past two years. In order to remain competitive, our client needs to offer terms of up to 90 days to its customers. As a result, the company needs additional working capital to continue its successful trajectory.


The company shows sustained growth in sales, positive operating and net margins, as well as positive equity. In addition, the company invested in machinery and equipment to carry out the manufacturing process, with net fixed assets. Its parent corporation is a proven player in manufacturing and marketing of aluminum products. Our client has established a relationship with a global leader in foodservice distribution, creating an opportunity for sizable business expansion. Based on the analysis of our client’s needs and position, ExpoCredit was able to promptly offer a factoring line with an aggressive rate.
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