Technology Isn’t Just for Big Companies: How Small Businesses Can Get a Piece of the Action

With the influx of business-building technology being utilized by large corporations these days, it is easy for small businesses to feel like they can’t keep up. Yet just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they can’t have access to the same types of systems that big companies have. In fact, it’s now easier and more cost effective than ever to for the smaller players to become technologically competitive. There are many ways technology can transform small businesses without the need for an IT department.

Connect with consumers

There are companies that provide technology solutions to enable small businesses to connect with their consumers. Salesforce has developed Salesforce Essentials specifically designed for small businesses. Among its many benefits, SalesForce Essentials collects and organizes all customer information in one place, automates repetitive tasks and allocates work based on availability and expertise. It even helps you find tools and apps to help grow your business.

Use Apps to help automate

Implementing technology is essential, especially for small businesses, but with the wide availability of apps on the market, the investment doesn’t have to be a big one. Small businesses now have access to a wide variety of apps that enable them to operate as if they were a large corporation. A simple google search will take you to an app marketplace to help you find the best apps to suit your needs.

Make sure your company website is in good shape

Customer engagement is one essential area where technology can really help a small business. Make sure your website is as strong as it can be. It should be simple to navigate and be as interactive as possible. A strong web presence will also make it easier for consumers to find you on search engines, but you can also invest in search engine optimization to drive consumers to your site.

Work on having a solid social media presence

Posting regularly with relevant, valuable content is a great way to engage with your consumers and can serve as a helpful advertising and promotional tool. Think of ways to gain more followers to increase your chances of being seen.

Consider email communication

Periodic targeted emails in the form of newsletters can be a good way to deliver messages to your consumers. Make sure it is created in an easy-to-read format with links that direct readers to your website.

Use online systems to invoice your customers

There are many programs, such as Quickbooks Accounting and Freshbooks that can generate and track invoices the same way an accounting department in a big company would.

Partner with a financial company

Companies like ExpoCredit offer various types of funding without the typical wait times and approvals associated with large traditional banks, which make them perfect partners for small businesses. They act as your own in-house finance department, which is especially useful if you don’t have one. For more information and to apply online, contact us at www.ExpoCredit.com

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