Brokers! Partnering with the Right Financing Company is Good for Business

Brokers who want to secure financing for their clients know that they’re doing more than just helping their clients thrive. By working with the right strategic partner, a broker can help grow their own business too. Here are a few ways that brokers can further cultivate their relationships with business prospects and solidify their premier position in a rapidly growing industry.

ExpoCredit Offers Financing in the Absence of a Traditional Loan

Businesses that cannot secure a traditional loan can still gain access to financing. We work with brokers to secure working capital for their small business clients to help them expand, improve cash flow, and become more profitable. At ExpoCredit (www.expocredit.com), we are experts in A/R Financing and Supply Chain Solutions with a deep understanding of marketplace challenges. We offer several ways for your client to access the cash they need.

  • Accounts Receivable Financing – Businesses that need cash quickly but are not eligible for a traditional loan can get access to cash without the burden of a long process. For over 20 years, ExpoCredit (www.expocredit.com) has helped companies of all sizes in many different industries secure short-term financing they need to grow and thrive. In addition to accounts receivable financing, ExpoCredit also offers domestic and international financing, PO financing, reverse factoring, and integrated services.
  • 360-degree A/R Financing Solution – As part of its A/R Financing solution, ExpoCredit (www.expocredit.com) offers a comprehensive suite of services, including credit analysis, credit insurance, professional collections representatives, 24/7 online customer access and accounting services.
  • Supply Chain Financing – Supply chain financing allows small suppliers to effectively extend credit to large customers and seize the opportunity to build relationships with large corporations. ExpoCredit delivers supply chain solutions to companies based in the U.S. and abroad.

ExpoCredit Provides Quick Feedback

When a business is in a cash flow crunch, a quick solution is critical. Brokers want to ensure that their client is getting the immediate attention it needs to resolve their cash flow issues. At ExpoCredit (www.expocredit.com), we start the onboarding process the moment a broker identifies a company with cash needs. The process is streamlined from start to finish, and the client typically has a financial solution within seven days. Brokers can take advantage of ExpoCredit’s fully encrypted online portal, which allows them to monitor their referred clients through our client-web access.

ExpoCredit Offers a Lucrative Commission Structure

Brokers who partner with ExpoCredit (www.expocredit.com) gain a major advantage: a lucrative commission structure and the benefit of referring their clients to industry experts. Our referral program allows brokers to benefit from their network of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Brokers who have prospects or clients with cash flow issues need only refer them to ExpoCredit (www.expocredit.com); we do the rest. We are committed to taking the best care of the client and finding the right financial solution for their needs. Once we enter into an agreement with the referral, we pay a commission, in the range of 5%-10%, for the life of the relationship with the client.

Contact ExpoCredit (www.expocredit.com) to learn more about how we can help you and your client grow.