Financial Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Consider Using (Part 2)

As a follow-up to an earlier blog post about financial apps that are useful to small business owners, we have compiled a list of apps in other categories that are equally helpful. These apps can be used to assist with organization, collaboration and project management, making small business owners feel as though they have a large staff of people working for them.


DROPBOX – Dropbox enables you to work on documents from any computer or mobile device. Files and pictures can be saved in Dropbox and are automatically stored in its cloud. This is the perfect app for business owners and staff members who work remotely, as changes and edits sync instantly to all devices and documents are easily shared.

EVERNOTE – Evernote is an app that keeps your notes, ideas, projects and to-do lists organized. A favorite feature is the web clipper which allows you to copy links that you find online and place them into an Evernote folder of your choosing to read later or file away for future use. You can also scan documents and receipts directly into designated folders. This app is like a digital file cabinet, eliminating the need for storing papers and articles, and the cloud regularly syncs your notes to all of your devices.

ASANA – Asana is an app that helps your business maximize communication and collaboration. You can view all tasks and projects and follow their progress. You can create visual product plans to ensure your projects stay on track. You can share notes, upload files and communicate with other team members. The app interfaces with Google Drive, Dropbox and Slack messaging as added benefits.

BOXMEUP – Boxmeup is an Android app that iPhone users can access via its website. It organizes and tracks packages, containers and storage items. You can print QR labels and scan them with your phone to view a list of contents of each package and use the search function to locate where you packed a particular item if, for example, you are moving and have a lot of boxes around.

Time Management

RESCUETIME – Rescuetime is an app that tracks the time you’ve spent on applications and websites, including email, to give you an idea of how you spent your day. It runs securely in the background on your devices. You can set alerts to let you know how long you’ve spent on an activity and can block distracting websites while you are working.

MY MINUTES – This iphone app lets you stay focused on your most important tasks by helping you set goals, such as only spending a certain amount of time checking email or social media or carving out time for activities. You can set the tasks to repeat, get reminders and build streaks as you meet your goals.

OMNIFOCUS – Omnifocus is a task manager that helps you accomplish more each day through the creation of projects and tasks, which are organized into to-do lists. Actions can be grouped by project and you can add tags for location, people and priority.


PROVEN – Proven is an app that helps you hire staff in an organized way. You start by creating a job post and then choose the job boards you want to utilize. You only pay for the boards you use and pay as you go without any regular monthly charges. Proven notifies you when someone applies to your job post and collects all of the applications from the various job boards. You can even use the app to contact candidates and schedule interviews.


All of these apps are excellent in helping simplify essential daily tasks with professional tools that are easy to use. They will make your life easier, so you can focus on running your business.

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