Brokers! ExpoCredit is the Exceptional Business Solution for your Clients

Business owners today are tasked with numerous responsibilities and concerns. Managing the financials can be a time-consuming and complex endeavor. If your clients are in need of comprehensive, expert financial assistance for their businesses, look no further than ExpoCredit Financial Group. ExpoCredit is a full-service “one-stop shop” for all of your clients’ financial business needs, both large and small.

We recognize that running a business is challenging on its own without the added responsibility of financial concerns. ExpoCredit steps in as the in-house financial expert. ExpoCredit provides a full menu of customizable financial services, so your clients can be free to focus on their core business initiatives while leaving the finance responsibilities to us.

When you work with ExpoCredit, you get expert performance with exceptional results. We are a specialty finance firm based in Miami, Florida. Our team is dedicated to providing flexible, custom short-term working capital solutions through a portfolio of financial products and services. We serve the needs of both domestic and international companies who need immediate cash flow. We make it easy and efficient, with effortless execution.

ExpoCredit was founded on a set of principles: excellence, execution, experience and flexibility.


We provide the highest level of financing services available. We cater to small to medium-sized businesses with sales ranging from $3 million to $1 billion and offer a variety of services, such as accounts receivable financing, credit analysis, accounting, supply chain financing and inventory purchasing, among others. We work with both clients and debtors, have international capabilities and can customize financial services based on the needs of your client.


ExpoCredit achieves a high level of success for clients, whether it’s to convert accounts receivables and purchase orders into operating cash, reduce bookkeeping costs, reduce credit exposure, reallocate time and resources to sales growth, obtain access to credit, address seasonal fluctuations or simply receive faster funding.

Experience + Expertise

ExpoCredit not only offers over 15 years and $8 billion worth of experience, we also provide a high level expertise. Our team has achieved successful results in even the most challenging and complex transactions. That’s why we’re considered a leading specialty finance firm throughout the United States, Latin America and the Middle East.


ExpoCredit is focused on the special needs of every client, both domestic and international. We design and execute customized, flexible solutions for every financial need. With outstanding, around the clock customer service as well as unlimited online access, our clients know that ExpoCredit is always looking out for their interests.

Let ExpoCredit be your clients’ Financial Expert! Contact us to learn more.

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