A/R Financing Overview

ExpoCredit’s flexible A/R financing options let you turn your company’s unpaid debt into immediate cash.
ExpoCredit has a variety of accounts receivable financing solutions to help your business meet its short-term cash flow needs without incurring additional debt.

We Help You Overcome Short-Term Cash Flow Challenges

Waiting weeks, even months to receive payment on invoices can put a strain on any company’s cash flow. Even if your customers haven’t paid you yet, you still need to make rent and payroll, purchase supplies, and handle other typical costs of doing business. You may also need to invest in new equipment, extend terms to your customers or simply take advantage of new opportunities such as volume discounts.


ExpoCredit understands the complexities of domestic and international receivables, supply chain transactions, and dynamic marketplaces, as well as the obstacles businesses may face obtaining financing in today’s market. We are a full-service, international financial organization with over 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes and in various industries strategically navigate their finance options and unlock the working capital tied up in their unpaid debt.

“By partnering with ExpoCredit, which has gone to great lengths to understand our business sector, we have found a partner that we can turn to as a small business to assist us in growing to the next level. Without ExpoCredit significant growth would be challenging.”


Walter S, President – Military Deployment Support Services Company

More Than Just A/R Financing Solutions

We are the experts of accounts receivable financing and supply chain financing solutions, but to our clients, we’re more than just their A/R finance company; we are their trusted, strategic partner. We work with our clients to craft flexible, adaptable, right-fit financial solutions that meet their current situation, funding needs, and stage of business growth. We understand that your time is valuable; our easy-peasy application process and rapid funding after approval simplify the funding process and allow you to get back to running your business quickly.

ExpoCredit partners with you to ensure the cash needed to take care of today’s obligations and stay prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities. We grow with you – and your success is our success.