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A/R Financing – Logistics and Supply Chain

ExpoCredit is helping this startup company to keep growing its blue-chip customer base while facing up to 120 days in payment terms.

A/R Financing – Oil & Gas

ExpoCredit helped this company increase payment terms to its primary customer.

A/R Financing – Seafood

ExpoCredit is helping this company with the working capital needed to manage seasonality

A/R Financing – Financial Services

ExpoCredit helped this company to have the working capital needed to operate according to its demand

A/R Financing – Seafood Industry

ExpoCredit helped this seafood business to expand their business by offering longer payment terms.

A/R Financing – Transportation Industry

Mexican company, specialized in ISO tank transportation of citrus, staying relevant in the marketplace

Strade – Seafood Distributor

ExpoCredit helped this seafood distributor to expand by including a new vendor to their business.

A/R Financing – Manufacturing Industry

A company with an impressive year-over-year growth rate obtained a flexible source of working capital

A/R Financing – Construction Industry

ExpoCredit allowed this company to keep growing by overcoming long cash flow cycles

A/R Financing – Produce Industry

This business was able to keep growing with the help of ExpoCredit despite its long cash flow cycles

A/R Financing – Transportation Industry

ExpoCredit helped this business secure working capital to meet their client demands.

A/R Financing – Seafood Industry

ExpoCredit helped this seafood business to expand into new markets.

A/R Financing – Produce Industry

ExpoCredit helped this seasonal business secure working capital to continue to grow their business.

A/R Financing – Plastic Industry

This company is dedicated to the production and distribution of thermoplastic film.

A/R Financing – Food Industry

ExpoCredit was able to grant this new healthy snacks distributor a factoring facility.

A/R Financing – Produce Industry

This company is dedicated to the processing and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A/R Financing – Seafood Distributor

ExpoCredit was able to structure a factoring facility for this multinational seafood subsidiary.

A/R Financing – Oil & Gas Industry

ExpoCredit is helping this business grow and remain competitive in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Cuentas por Cobrar – Productos Textiles

ExpoCredit le ayudo a esta empresa a continuar su crecimiento al aprobarles la linea de factoring.

Cuentas por Cobrar – Ropa y Productos Textiles

ExpoCredit le esta ayudando a esta empresa norteamericana a operar una amplia fábrica de tejidos especializados en piezas de mezclilla.

A/R Financing – Oil & Gas Industry

This company is dedicated to the development of infrastructure projects, services, engineering and procurement in the Oil and Gas industry

A/R Financing – Marine and Land Operations

ExpoCredit is helping this business grow and remain competitive by aiming to use its factoring facility to increase its volumes.

A/R Financing – Metal Telecommunications Structures

Peruvian metal telecommunication structure company weathering political unrest.

A/R Financing – Fresh Fruit Export

Chilean fresh fruit exporter looking to expand into new markets.

A/R Financing – Cargo Transport

Cargo transporter with rapid growth but slow moving invoices were holding them back.

A/R Financing – Peruvian Superfoods

Peruvian superfood grower looking to add to its international export portfolio.

A/R Financing – Consumer Product Displays

Company supplying point of sale displays looking to improve cash flow to continue its growth.

A/R Financing – TV Production

TV production company looking for working capital to be able to continue to produce a variety of TV shows.

A/R Financing – Clothing Manufacturer and Distributor

Traditional Colombian garment manufacturer expands sales with support from ExpoCredit’s $1.5 million factoring line

A/R Financing – Specialized Chemical Products for Oil Drilling and Wells

Leveraging increasing demand for oil drilling products in Mexico

A/R Financing – Aluminum Foil Products

ExpoCredit enables young manufacturer’s successful trajectory

A/R Financing – Vegetable Oil Distributor

Vegetable oil distributor poised for growth with ExpoCredit’s $3.5 million Factoring line

S/C Financing – Seafood Distributor

ExpoCredit supports growth and profitability of seafood company

A/R Financing – Online Distributor of Nutritional Supplements

Become financially stronger with ExpoCredit

S/C Financing – LPG/Propane Distributor

ExpoCredit “fueled” growth of international propane company seeking capital

A/R Financing – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporter

ExpoCredit helped fresh produce exporter stay financially healthy as it continues to grow

S/C Financing – Sewing Thread and Fabric Manufacturer

“Stretching” procurement cycles in a Textiles business

A/R Financing – Tuna Importer

“Feeding” growth of canned tuna distributor

A/R Financing – Packaging Manufacturer

Packaging success

A/R Financing – Raw Material Producer for Oil & Gas Industry

ExpoCredit “pumps up” growth of Oil & Gas company

A/R Financing – Staffing Firm

Staffing firm “hires” ExpoCredit to solve temporary cash flow crisis

S/C Financing – Rice Importer

Rice importer feeds its supply chain on time

S/C Financing – Seafood Distributor

Seafood distributor thrives in new markets

S/C Financing – Produce Distributor

Produce distributor cultivates higher volumes

A/R Financing – Engineering Consulting Firm

Engineering consulting firm saves deal with global telecommunications company

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