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Case Studies

S/C Financing – Sewing Thread and Fabric Manufacturer

“Stretching” procurement cycles in a Textiles business

A/R Financing – Tuna Importer

“Feeding” growth of canned tuna distributor

A/R Financing – Packaging Manufacturer

Packaging success

A/R Financing – Raw Material Producer for Oil & Gas Industry

ExpoCredit “pumps up” growth of Oil & Gas company

A/R Financing – Staffing Firm

Staffing firm “hires” ExpoCredit to solve temporary cash flow crisis

S/C Financing – Rice Importer

Rice importer feeds its supply chain on time

S/C Financing – Seafood Distributor

Seafood distributor thrives in new markets

S/C Financing – Produce Distributor

Produce distributor cultivates higher volumes

A/R Financing – Engineering Consulting Firm

Engineering consulting firm saves deal with global telecommunications company

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